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​Fe Fe was born on June 26, 2019 between European Champion Juda and Rosie.  

Fe Fe is growing so fast!  She runs like a bullet, eats every meal like she has not eaten for days, snores like a person on the couch and snuggle like a baby.  She became 2 years old and still wants to sit on my lap.

She is very vocal - a great communicator.   She does not hesitate to ask when she needs our help.  Can you get the toy under the couch?  Can I go out side?  Oh hey, I think Rosie wants to go outside,  Oh hey,  someone is at the door!  Would you open the box on the dining table - I know you have ordered my treat?  Alert Rosie!!!  etc.

Fefe tries hard to please you.  It hurts her feelings when you laugh at her when she fails.       

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